Party FAQ's

  Q. What is the maximum number of children included for the base party price? 

A. 10 +The birthday child for a total of 11 (12 and Under Only Please); children under 24 months and teens are not included. 

Q. How many guests can I invite? 

A. That is up to you. Each party area can hold 30 children Adults are unlimited but we cannot guarantee seating for them. We can provide extra folding chairs, if needed, at no extra cost to you. 

Q. I cannot get people to RSVP? Do you have any suggestions? 

A. Our Party Parents tell us they get the best response to E-Vites. People are often more willing to give you an e mail vs. a phone numbers

Q. Only 8 children came. How come the host didn’t give me the extra ½ hour passes? Aren’t 10 included with the party? 

A: No, WE give the ½ hour passes to the paid attending children. This does not include children under 24 months that were not included in your total. Nor does it include children that didn’t come. The party is for up to 10 + the Party Child but it does not mean 10 ½ hour passes are automatically included. 

Q. Will there be someone in the party area to serve my cake/pizza/etc.? 

A. That is between you and your party host. They are not required to as a part of your package, but many are happy to assist. 

Q. Am I required to tip my host/hostess? 

A. Unlike many party providers, we do not include a gratuity in your final bill. Tipping is entirely up to you. If you feel your host/hostess gave you fine customer service and deserves a tip, they are sure to appreciate it. 

Q. Can I bring a Piñata, confetti or hang streamers? 

A. We do not allow confetti because it is an extreme mess issue. ONLY Pull String Piñatas are allowed (Please keep in mind there is no place to hang this from. You will need a volunteer to hold the Piñata while the children pull the strings.). Signs, banners and streamers may be hung from the grid wall in each party area. You may also use push pins/tacks to attach them to the walls. NO TAPE on the walls! Reminder: There is an added $25 Fee if the party area is left excessively messy (requires more than 10-15 minutes to clean) 

Q. Can I bring my own food? 

A. Yes, but only from our limited allowable foods. Pizza, Fruit/Veggie trays, Cheese & Cracker trays, Sandwich Trays, Chips & Dip, Goodie Bags and your Cake. Any special dietary needs due to medical reasons such as food allergies, diabetes and medical diets may need to be brought to the attention of your staff host. If you are unsure about the foods allowed, please call, we will be glad to clarify. 

Q. Can I bring ice cream? 

A. No, sorry no outside ice cream. We sell ice cream cups at a nominal price. 

Q. Can I bring drinks to my party? 

A. NO, absolutely not! We will provide 2 2liter of soda OR 2 gallons of water OR 12 juice boxes per party . We have more soda and water for purchase at $2 each and juice boxes are $4 a 12 pack. NO ALCOHOL! And please remind your guests that drinking alcohol, getting stoned or being under the influence of any substance (illegal or otherwise) before coming to a party at Bounce is inappropriate and may cause them to be asked to leave. 

Q. WHY can’t I bring my own drinks? You only provide soda, water and juice boxes. We want milk. 

A. By not allowing ANY outside drinks we prevent alcohol from being snuck onto the premises. We don’t provide or allow milk due to possible spoilage, vomiting and allergy issues. 

Q. Can I bring my own decorations, paper products in myself and set them up before my party? 

A. You may not arrive more than 10 minutes early. If you don't want us to set up your décor, please keep this in mind. We provide all paper goods needed (decorative for the children, plain for the adults) and a plastic cake cutter (NO KNIVES ALLOWED!) with your package. If you wish to provide your own décor, we need you to bring it in at least 3 days ahead (We need all décor by the Wed prior to your party if it is on a weekend day. If you bring it in the day of the party and expect the staff to set it up, there will be a $20 fee.). This is necessary as we often have parties back to back. Our crew is very experienced at cleaning up one and setting up the next very quickly. As for decorations, the party areas are decorated at all times to be ready for you and your party. 

Q. Does each guest need a separate waiver even if they are in the same family? 

A. No. The adults in charge of the party accept the waiver on behalf of their entire party. If they wish they may get separate signed waivers from all the parents but we do not require it. Also, our rules clearly state that simply by walking into and accepting our wristband/stamp, they are accepting liability for themselves and their children/grandchildren/wards. 

Q. What else should I bring to my party? 

A. You are required to wear socks so please remember to bring a pair. A few extras for guests are always appreciated by your friends. (If you forget we do have them for sale) 

Q. Are we allowed to bring party favors? 

A. Yes, but again NO confetti or silly string is allowed. 

Q. Can I bring in balloons for my party? 

A. Yes 

Q. I would like to have a costumed performer at my party. Is this allowed? 

A. Yes, but there are legal and insurance requirements that must be met. Please call for more information. 

Q. I don't think the party time allowed, 2 hours, is enough. Can I stay longer? 

A. If you would like to stay longer please check in with your Party Host. IF there is no party scheduled after you, we MIGHT be able to accommodate. There is a charge for extra time added on. 

Q. Some of my guests arrived late. Do they get to stay beyond the party time? 

A. No, your party is over at the scheduled end time. Late arrivals do NOT get to "make up" time. If they do stay over, you can be charged for it. 

Q. How far in advance do we need to book a party? 

A. We like at least 2 weeks’ notice. PLEASE NOTE: If it is less than 2 weeks’ notice, your deposit is non-refundable and it is only refundable for 1 (one) week from the date that you call or come in to book the party.

Walk In Play FAQ's

Q. Why can't my child play with the balls on the facility floor? They don't want to bounce.
A. Children often lose interest in the ball and drop it where they may happen to be. Other guests are in danger of tripping over the ball and becoming injured.

Q. Why can't I bring in my drink? I want to sit, relax and enjoy my coffee/soda. After all I bought it here in the mall.
A. Drinks in disposable cups are not allowed on the floor because of the danger to children. We know, that as an adult, you will strive to be extra careful but children are spontaneous and may run into you before you are aware. No one wants to be the person that spilled hot coffee or a sticky soda on a child. You may sit in the front lobby and enjoy your beverage. However, if it is in a sturdy container with a secure lid, you may bring it in with you.

Q: I have a 2 Hour Pass from my child's birthday party. Can I use it for more that one child?

A: Yes! You may use it for up to four 1/2 hour bounce sessions, and for as many children as that will accommodate.

Q. Why can't I just drop off my children?
A. We need a responsible person on site to watch your children. This is not a Day Care or Babysitting Service. California State licensing has made it extremely clear that if we even come close to doing anything like Day Care/Babysitting they will fine us. However, once you sign the agreement to the House Rules and Liability Waiver, you may leave a person aged 13 years and up in charge of the children and leave the facility.

Q. Why can't adults and teenagers bounce?
A. Adults and teenagers have never been allowed to bounce. In the past, we allowed them to play in the inflatables if they were careful/responsible. Due to too many adults and teens being careless and a few close calls where small children were in danger of being injured, we had to change the policy to the following:

Adults and Teens may only be in an inflatable to assist a child 5 years or younger/Special Needs. They may NOT bounce or jump but they may climb and slide and protect their children from more energetic older children.

Q. Do I (parent/adult) have to pay an admission for myself if my child needs my assistance in the Inflatables?
A. No

Q. Do you rent out your bounce houses?
A. No, we do not. We refer people to The Party Place, Lil Humboldt Hoppers and NorCal Bouncers for Bounce House Rentals.​       

Bounce House Rentals